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GPS antenna custom length

10,00 ex. VAT

Please define in order comment the length of GPS antenna cable. Length is measured from end of antenna housing till start of fix part of SMA connector.


Please define length in cm. Accuracy is 1cm!

New casing

10,00 ex. VAT

Included in package:
– new casing
– sticker

Please select type of new casing.

PR Prop 26A

34,5041,40 ex. VAT

Propeller for scale models. Nice fit to the nose of glider!
Size 15,5 x 9.2.

Prandtl probe

90,00 ex. VAT

IAS Prandtl probe for T-tail gliders. Used with Raven 2 PRO to measure airspeed of the plane.

Length: 170mm
Width: 4mm